About us

Who we are

A Renascer – Fábrica de Cerâmica, Lda. was formed in March 2013 and is located in Lama, one of Barcelos municipality with a story rich in tradition in the art of ceramics. We devoted ourselves to the manufacture of articles in clay, in particular:

  • Jarras
  • Vasos
  • Pratos
  • Taças
  • Floreiras
  • Produtos personalizados

Why choose Renascer?

The dedication and commitment we devote to each order are our guarantee. We believe that the combination of responsibility and experienced craftsmen is the ideal solution for your needs.

Thanks to a keen observation and analysis system, we ensure that each piece has the characteristics defined in each order.

Cada encomenda é encarada com responsabilidade. Portanto, desde do momento em que elaboramos a nossa proposta até à entrega da encomenda, garantimos o cumprimento de prazos, sempre de uma forma responsável e obedecendo a expectativas realistas.

The care in the smallest details minimizes the risk of errors and failures in production. This is a particularly important factor when creating pieces that go beyond the most basic solutions.

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